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     In It’s primary performance practice, Vitche-Boul Ra choreographs dance, gesture, and verbal language to develop live and virtual performance topographies. The work centers instability and the practice of dance as a recreational labour, utilizing them to explore individualized agency, personalized fantasy, and the composition of elitist practices in mundane existences. Typically the performance attempts to articulate underlying contracts between performing body and viewing body—hyper-locating an “I” and disjointing the “we”. A fluctuating matrix of power/accountability is accomplished by rotating sociolinguistic ques and enacting physical spatial shifts. Working from a personalized canon and It’s own ouvre, RaRa is invested in the manipulative fugitivity possible when It sees I to I—personal-present and the evasive future-historic.


     Expanding It’s conversation into the quotidian self on the street, Rå investigates the many selves inside one form—the complexity of the physical corporeal space. Experiencing It’s own body as a rotating vessel, Lix Vaïd Tri’Sonne is “It” as opposed to something known and tangible. This darkness(Blackness) allows for abrupt transitions of motivations/objectives, cultural conditionings/linguistic styles, and coded movements ultimately resulting in “P.E.”—the Performative Everyday [life]. Boul-Ra focuses on the ability to Shift. 


     Particularly in video, the practice emerges as manicured chaos-scapes for the body to occur in. Dealing with cyclicality, rhythm, antagonistic happenstance, and misplacement, Râq constructs video space to generate unorthodox quests to rephrase his approaches to physical materiality. Videoscape is used as a tool to reveal truths within the larger practice and further immortalize the process of questioning/shifting the fictions which arrive in liveness. In virtual context, the body—and its baggage—are ejected from the “real” and placed into a dangerous site of imaginative intangibility. Vitche-Ra allows sound, dislocated textual fragments, and muddy technicality to render/read the body to filth, resulting in a Mystic Digital Butchery.

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