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Sireponce, Witnees, eh Waev en Lo-Shaïd


Vox Populi Gallery, Philadlephia, PA

"Children of Sirius" [performance event]

Curated by Malachi Lily

Images below by David Ford Productions

The work is not a meditation or commentary on femininity and masculinity. 

The work is not anz Improvisationsz.

The work is not in conversation with Drag. 

The physical body in this work is not wearing a wig, he is wearing an ornate and intrusive helmet.

The work is an exploration of Crafting in Pedestrian/Public Space. 

The work is destroys time as anyone I care about knows.

The work does have it's own life outside of the body that bore it. 

The work does manifest the idea of the Multi-Body and duality inside of the singular body vessel.

The body present in the work is a passage.

The work is constantly in Passages. 

The work becomes constantly about PASt-AGE and traveling and knowing. 
The work grew up to be Beauty and destruction. 

The work built it's current life on false ideologies and the physical practices of Icons.

The work harnesses Blood Elves, AND Beyonce, And LoLifes. 
The work finds truth in fiction and in that way is only a fact of Life.

The work is a crafting of Life that happens to pass through the presence of a specific group of people that are watch.

The work is a way to rephrase an aesthetic of AfroFuturism.

The Work allocates its Blackness. 

The work probably more comfortably identifies with Art Theory and intellectual Performance Practice dialogue. 

The work Hardcore attacks the idea that the former and the latter exist in separate spaces and recognizes that the division on lies, literally, in the hands of the beholder and the lens they carry. 

The work is a spiritual attempt. 

The work is a spiritual knowing.

The work exists as personal and for that reason hinges on spectacle less than showmanship and dance draft. 

This work actually doesn't care for the viewer. 

This work is Public and Pedestrian, like 7/11.

The work made a lot of "friends" in its life but it was really only interested in making pure enemies. 

*Just look in his eyes. 

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