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Solo Exhibition: cRib

Tiger Strikes Asteroid Gallery (TSA) Philadelphia, PA
November 2022

-  "cRib" is a sculpture and sonic based exhibition exploring themes of Dominion, Protection, and Self-Enforced Otherness. Utilizing aesthetic movements and ideological proposals such as Outsider Art and Romanticism, the exhibition looks at what it is to self delineate, to imaginatively carve room...a construction of Self-Centered. Navigating the violence/heroics within Pop, Coolness, Beauty, and Blackness, a domain will be built. 
The body being a primary material, the exhibition will feature 3 live performances (TBA)    

Current Body of Work: ABYSSI

2022 - ongoing

- A body of work and practice examining Performativity as an approach to regaining access to the ability to imagine and engender new realities and beings. 


This work will be hosted here:

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