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A solo exhibition at Tiger Strikes Asteroid gallery (Philadelphia), Nov.-Dec. 2022. The exhibition inluded sound works, sculptures, and performances to transform the gallery into a domain.
exhibition page here)

The crib as a both a physical and psychological domain with cameras and guards.
A place to be shielded.
And because of that shield...
A spot to unwind, to goo-goo and go ga-ga) deform [insert tangent on Black as Monstrous]. 
A place to move nude. 
A place that requires an invitation. 
Don't just show up on my step. 
Don't even ring my doorbell.

Crib (Retreat)_mixdownRaccôstraxza
00:00 / 24:20

CRIB emerges as an approach to Abyssi that doesn't feel flattening or perhaps even daunting. As opposed to violently and academically picking apart the tender space of Abyssi, I shift my focus to creating it's protection. I focus on it's gates, on ways of cementing it's position as a kind of Other. 

get out nv 1.jpg

Sound somewhere between a lullaby, a war cry, and aggressive dissonance all leakig from cacophonous joy/pleasure.

Crib Pulsion_mixdownRaccôstraxza
00:00 / 22:26
CRIB Works List_2.png
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